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Who We Are


Kosmik Brands landed on Earth in 2019 with a gummy that defied gravity and transcended its competitors. From day one, we've remained committed to taste, texture, potency, and quality, and since then have led the industry in innovation and development of products that break boundaries...

...and we're just getting started. Welcome to Kosmik Brands. Buckle up for lift-off.

Who We Are

Our mission is in the name. We are laser-focused on the taste, texture, potency, and quality.

Our Mission

Kosmik's Four Core Values

Edibles should taste GOOD, right? We agree. Developing our variety of luscious fruit flavors was a labor of love and attention to detail – our commitment to making Kosmik edibles the tastiest in the industry.


Right alongside our unrivaled standards for taste is a focus on creating the ideal texture for every product. Our curing methods allow us to control firmness and moisture levels, delivering a perfectly balanced experience.


Kosmik has developed a proprietary THC measuring process, which ensures accurate dosing and consistency with every piece.


Our standards are high (no pun intended) and we hold our cannabis oil suppliers to those same standards. We will never put anything in our edibles that you can’t trust to be of the best quality.


More Than A Brand

Dedication to Craft

Kosmik Brands was created out of a passion for stellar knowledge and intergalactic travels via cannabis products. We believe edibles should take you on a trip beyond this planet, so we incorporated our astronomical appreciation into our unique designs and flavor. After all, what’s higher than outer space?

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Kosmik Crew

What We Do

innovation, growth, and team success that works!

The main goal of the company management is to develop a national premiere cannabis brand that is unique, quality, and professionally made to satisfy consumers everywhere. Each product is made innovatively, and the company personnel ensures the intended quality is attained at all times. The management team is keen to develop a dynamic company that creates prosperity and opportunity for its employees, partners, and industry stakeholders. The ultimate long-term goal of Kosmik Brands is to advance the national and local movements that will vigorously champion for legalization of cannabis globally. 

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Kosmik Brands is about innovation and thinking outside of the box. We don't settle for doing what everyone else is doing. We lead, not follow. Our cutting-edge curing process ensures every piece is consistent in taste, texture, potency, and quality.

Our Specialty line does what has never been done in the Cannabis industry, adding a great line of products with flavored centers inside infused gummies. Additionally, we are proud to be the first edibles brand to craft a 200mg per piece gummy.

team success

Being a part of the Kosmik team is being part of a family. We pride ourselves on our ability to think outside the box when it comes to cannabis products. We are always looking for opportunities to grow - as a company, as a team, and as individuals. We have our sights set on becoming a top national cannabis brand.


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