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Increase Your Sales With SparkPlug

Increase sales, create momentum, and generate company enthusiasm with our budtender incentive program. Best of all... it's completely free!

Move product quicker than ever with SparkPlug. It's free to setup, time efficient, and motivating for everyone involved.

SparkPlug Graph

Increase your sales by nearly


your budtenders can win up to

or more
Free upon on sign-up
single location monthly high score (units sold)
single budtender monthly high score (units sold)
chance for repeat customers

SparkPlug Graph

Create competition between multiple locations with a quick and easy setup with sparkplug!

What is SparkPlug?

SparkPlug is an incentive program for budtenders that rewards them for selling our product! And moving more product off your shelves only means an increase in profits!

Setup is Easy!

In addition to the $50 free sign up credit, setting up SparkPlug in your dispensary is super easy, free, and only 5 minutes! It also creates automated reports for you and payments to your budtenders!

Why Use SparkPlug?

SparkPlug motivates, empowers, and builds excitement for employees who want to go above and beyond! Plus, upon sign up, your dispensary will receive a $50 incentive credit!

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budtender education program

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Promote brand awareness and market growth by enrolling your budtenders in our education program today! It's free and offers incentives to budtenders who perform well.