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incentivize your budtenders with Learn Brands

Promote brand awareness and market growth by enrolling your budtenders in our education program today! Learn Brands is available for free and offers incentives to budtenders who perform well. We want to help our dispensary partners grow. Enroll today!

Streamline your budtender training efforts with the Learn Brands budtender education program!

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Learn Brands


Win Prizes, build brand awareness, increase sales, and more!

What is Learn Brands?

Learn Brands is an educational platform designed to accommodate all of the training needs of the cannabis industry. Become a better budtender and earn rewards while doing it!

Setup is Easy!

Setting up Learn Brands in your dispensary is free, simple, and only takes a couple of minutes! After that, budtenders can immediately access the platform and begin claiming their prizes.

Why Use Learn Brands?

Learn Brands motivates and educates employees who want to go above and beyond for their patients. Plus, with each module they successfully complete, they win a reward!

  • Learn Brands is a good way for budtenders to learn about the products that we sell and it rewards them with a sample. Learn Brands has been a great tool for helping expand the product knowledge of my employees.
    John Rodriguez
    Senior Store Manager
  • Since beginning my tenure here at the Greenhouse in Pagosa Springs, I have maintained the highest sales as well as winning many of the sales specific contests due mostly in part, to the availability of info offered on Learn Brands.
    Candice Nunez
  • Learn Brands has filled an important void in the cannabis industry, giving brands and dispensary partners easy online access to leading training content for budtenders and employees.
    Vice President of Innovation
    Learn Brands

budtender incentive program

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