Slap. Dab. The Hallmark greeting card for two distinct circles: stoners and skaters...
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Core Boardshop x The Green Bloc


Slap. Dab. The Hallmark greeting card for two distinct circles: stoners and skaters. A greeting of warmth and welcome; of comradery and communion. No matter your creed, cloth, or conspiracy you are welcome if you bring respect. 

It’s no social secret that stoners have been prey of their fair share of prude predators, and skateboarders share this ecosystem. Decades past, when the first homo sapien strapped metal wheels to a rudimentary slab of pressurized planks, skaters were regarded as abominations. It didn’t help that many had joints hanging from their lips. 

However, the mutual marriage of culture was star-crossed. Skateboarding is a passion inherently prone to injury. Naturally, cannabis provides a remedy. Factor in the plant’s components beneficial to mental relaxation. Mother Earth gifted her concrete cowboys a go-to stress coach. 

In Oklahoma City, the gentlemen at Core Boardshop and The Green Bloc are the titans of this livelihood. All humans are guaranteed a smile and a riveting conversation from any of the individuals encountered at these glorious establishments. Skateboarding and cannabis have ignited a bonfire of authentic community. 

The Sunday Sesh, hosted weekly in the parking lot outside Core, is, undoubtedly, religious. A gathering of outlaws, seeking justification, soaked in the salvation of a Dewalt utility light. 

Clint Walker is our captain. A legend of a human. A human of legend. Renowned for his antics and accomplishments, and to know him, the human, is a humbling experience. Hometown hero is an inadequate moniker. I call him friend. To everyone he offers knuckles to, they are friends. This is his most cherished and honorable quality. Because he means it--with all five. 

Such a sublime acknowledgment is precisely the invite this loner (your author) needed in puberty. As a rapidly crippling adult, it’s the adrenaline fueling my Thursday. For the medicinal cannabis consumer, consistency is paramount. Skaters thrive on the same energy. Stout resilience, a poignant doubtless conviction, that they’re not abandoned. The Green Bloc supplies a plethora of options; strains to counteract a host of ailments adorn their shelves. The professionalism offered by their budtenders is par to none.

Simultaneously, Core Boardshop is the answer to escaping the commercialism of skateboarding. The brands provided, the commitment to quality, and the devotion to relationships make Jake and the crew Oklahoma City’s pinnacle of local pro shop. 

Both The Green Bloc and Core support the business of local entrepreneurs, and any capitalism promoted at their businesses is an immediate support to the grand Okies that make this land grand. 

I implore you to swing by the shops on May, and grab a board with Dirty or grab some buds/gummies with Caylan, and make your next outing in OKC extraordinary. Bare minimum: pull up on Sunday and share a smile.