Everything You Need to Know About the Abyss

Iris June

Since Kosmik Brands first launched production in 2019, we have been known for our innovation and dedication to our craft. Always a stepa head, we think outside of the box when it comes to cannabis products.

Last summer, we released our ground-breaking and ultimately best-selling product – The Black Hole. Patients everywhere were surprised and delighted by the delicious but classified flavor, as well as the whopping 100mg in each piece.

Well, this time, we have taken it a step further with our newest addition to the classified line, The Abyss…

Research and Development

The idea for The Abyss came about as we began production on The Black Hole, with high-dosers and patients with chronic illness in mind. Ou rchefs and kitchen team worked diligently on this product, ensuring the potency, flavor, texture, and consistency exceeded all expectations. 

After a year of research and development, endless hours of hard work, and passion for our patients, we finally perfected the recipe, and we couldn’t be more excited to share this new product with you! 

The Abyss is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before…

This edible launches consumers into a captivating euphori awith a 200mg dose in just one piece, making The Abyss the highest mg single dose gummy in the Oklahoma market! 

Read that again. 

The Abyss + Medical Benefits of High Dosage Edibles

Several studies on the use of cannabis for chronic and neuropathic pain yielded positive results, indicating marijuana could provide relief to those suffering from these conditions. 

Another research study regarding cannabis use for pain management in cancer patients showed promising results; out of 17,000 people who participated in the study, 70 percent reported pain relief and improved overall welfare after use.

Furthermore, research from 2016 found some positive findings regarding cannabis use for cancer pain, stating that marijuana use among cancer patients decreased opioid use by 64 percent! 

Below is our first patient testimonial for The Abyss:

“I LOVED The Abyss! Best tasting edible I have ever had! Seriously, I would eat them as regular candy. Most edibles I’ve tried have a burnt cannabis taste, these did not. The flavor was the BEST!

Before consumption, my pain and nausea were 7/10. About an hour later, it was down substantially to 3/10 and kept me comfortable for 6 hours post edible – which was a HUGE surprise! The Abyss was tasty and the relief I got lasted for hours! 

I am 58 years old and recovering from cancer as well as an autoimmune disorder. I have chronic pain in my feet (where my cancer was),severe arthritis, nausea, and severe tissue, cartilage, and skin issues. 

The Abyss helped relieve my pain, as well as took me out of the negative headspace having a chronic illness gives you. I was able to be comfortable and move around and relax.”

-Gary, 58, Oklahoma City

The Proof is in the Experience

Whether you are a high-dose consumer or someone suffering from chronic pain or illness, The Abyss is the gummy for you!

Like Gary said, the flavor is AMAZING… but sadly it remains classified.

I guess that means you’ll just have to try it for yourself! See you on the other side 😊

Are you ready to disappear into The Abyss?