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Everything You Need to Know About The Black Hole

Peyton Decker

Since we initially launched The Black Hole product line nearly four years ago, it has become a best-seller and fan-favorite among consumers in the cannabis industry. You might have noticed that last year we released our ground-breaking Multiserve version of The Black Hole, which gives every type of doser an easy and smooth ride down The Black Hole with 10mg of THC per slice. Regardless of which edible you prefer, this blog post will tell you everything you need to know about The Black Hole product line.

Research and Development

The development of The Black Hole gummy line started in 2020, when the world was grappling with the uncertainties of the pandemic. It seemed like the Coronavirus had unleashed a storm of anxiety, depression, and loneliness across the United States. As people struggled to cope with the absence and losses of loved ones, they sought holistic remedies to cope with their emotions and mental well-being. In the quest to address mental health concerns, Kosmik Brands invested over two million dollars into the jumpstart of research and development. This resulted in a powerful edible line with exotic classified flavors and 100mg of THC per individual gummy, also known as The Black Hole.

The introduction of The Black Hole became a revelation in the cannabis industry. As word spread like wildfire, The Black Hole gummies quickly ascended to the frontlines of the industry. Each flavor and color combination was meticulously crafted by our team to grant a personalized experience that can't be replicated anywhere else in the galaxy. With five different colors to choose from, each bite is guaranteed to take consumers through a unique journey down The Black Hole.

The Black Hole + Medical Benefits of High Dosage Edibles

Through adversity, we brought a remedy that ignited a spark of optimism in the hearts of many and saw the significance of innovating a range of products for every type of consumer. As an influential leader in the cannabis industry, we believe in the importance of using cannabis as a steppingstone to recovery and healing. Although our Black Hole line has the potential to assist an array of health conditions, we want to focus on how it can be used as a remedy for substance misuse.

Several scientific studies have explored the role of cannabis in alleviating withdrawal symptoms associated with substance and opioid misuse. Did you know the complex interplay between cannabinoids and endocannabinoid receptors (ECS) suggests that cannabis may act as a regulator for withdrawal symptoms, offering relief to those striving for recovery?  

Here’s how:

  • Pain Relief- The properties inside cannabis have been well-documented and scientifically researched in its potential to address pain during opioid withdrawals. By interacting with ECS receptors, cannabis may assist pain signaling pathways, potentially easing the discomfort experienced during this challenging phase (National Institute of Medicine, 2018).
  • Mood Stabilization- The ECS's involvement in mood regulation opens the possibility of using cannabis as a mood stabilizer during withdrawal. By influencing the release of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, cannabis may offer a sense of emotional balance and reduced anxiety, thereby supporting individuals on their recovery journey. (National Institute of Medicine, 2018).
  • Sleep Enhancement- Insomnia is a common symptom during opioid withdrawal, and cannabis has the potential to improve your sleep patterns. Its sedative effects, when appropriately dosed, may promote better sleep quality and assist in managing the sleep disturbances that often accompany withdrawal (National Institute of Medicine, 2018).

Patient testimonials for the Black Hole:

“Black Holes are my go-to's, especially The Black Hole Green. Since you guys came here, I’ve been able to lower my prescriptions and even get rid of a few that I’ve been on for years. These are the best over any brand I’ve tried. No others help with my arthritis and joint pain like Kosmik does. Keep up the good work.” - A Kosmonaut on Instagram.

“I only took half, and it was wonderful. A fantastic body melt without the heavy indica kind of feeling. I suffer from several rheumatoid alignments, and this was like pumping oil in my old joints. No pun intended. It is a super nice hybrid, not racy, and not sleepy. It comes very smoothly, where most edibles I have had hit you more like a wave. Which definitely gave me the confidence that I could dose one of these and be fine.” - Weedmaps review.

“My tolerance has gotten up to 20mg-30mg, but that's it. I like to buy the Kosmik Black Hole 1000mg bags and quarter them. It’s the perfect dose for me and saves a ton of money doing it that way vs buying a ton of 100mg bags and taking multiple gummies at a time.” - Reviewer on Reddit.

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