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How Do I Dose Edibles?

Peyton Decker

It’s a fact that cannabis is grown for everyone, but not everyone consumes it for the same purpose. If you’re new to the world of Kosmik, or cannabis in general, it can be tricky to figure out what dosage is appropriate for the type of adventure you want to take. Follow the guide below to find out how you should dose edibles.  

What is a THC-Infused Edible?  

An edible is a product that combines the benefits of cannabis with the convenience and versatility of a delicious snack.

How does this differ from other forms of cannabis consumption?

Unlike traditional consumption methods like smoking or vaping, edibles offer an alternative way to experience the effects of THC. This makes them appealing to individuals who prefer not to inhale smoke or those seeking a more inconspicuous method of consumption.  

What is the Best Dose for Newcomers?

It's crucial for consumers to be mindful of the dosage in edibles, as the effects take longer to onset compared to inhaled methods. This means going low and slow, gradually increasing your dose after assessing your response to the initial dose will be the most effective.

  • 1mg - 2.5mg THC: Considered to be a microdose, this is usually the lowest dose you can find available in stores.  
  • 2.5mg - 5mg THC: Considered to be a low dose or microdose depending on your tolerance levels, this can be a good starting point for beginners and those new to cannabis.
  • 5mg - 10mg THC: As the most common dose amongst most consumers, this is considered a good range for most beginners.
  • 10mg - 25mg THC: Considered to be too high of a dose for most beginners, this is a popular range amongst casual and regular consumers.
  • 25mg - 50mg THC: This dosage is considered too strong for most casual consumers and is not recommended for those new to cannabis.
  • 50mg THC and Higher: Considered to be extremely potent, these high-dosed products are typically reserved for medical patients and consumers with a built-up tolerance.
Why is the “low and slow” approach recommended?

Starting with a low dose and gradually increasing it over time is a common practice to find out what works best for you. It's important to start out with no more than 25mg and add 5mg-10mg every hour and a half until you’ve reached the desired effects.  

Can I Overdose on Edibles?

No. Unlike other substances that pose severe health risks in an overdose, consuming too much THC does NOT result in any life-threatening consequences. That said, excessive THC intake can lead to intense psychotropic effects such as heightened anxiety, paranoia, nausea, and disorientation. These symptoms can be stressful but are nothing to rush to the emergency room over.

What should I do if I’m experiencing unwanted/overwhelming effects?

In case of overconsumption, it is recommended to remain calm, relaxed, and as comfortable as possible. Drink water to stay hydrated and allow time for the effects to subside. If symptoms become overbearing, try seeking assistance from a trusted friend or family member.

How Long Does an Edible High Last?

Generally, the effects of THC-infused edibles can last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. Typically, the onset time ranges from 20 minutes to an hour and a half. This is because THC must first be metabolized in the digestive system before entering the bloodstream. The duration of an edible high once it's entered the bloodstream can vary based on several factors. These include your metabolism rate, the dosage consumed, and your tolerance to THC.  

Why is the onset time different from other consumption methods?

The difference in onset time between edibles and other forms of cannabis consumption, such as smoking or vaping, is primarily due to the distinct pathways through which THC enters the bloodstream. When cannabis is smoked or vaporized, THC is rapidly absorbed through the lungs, allowing it to reach the brain immediately and result in effects within minutes. In contrast, when consuming edibles, the cannabinoids must first undergo digestion in the stomach, pass through metabolic processing in the liver, enter the bloodstream, and then you will begin to feel the effects.  

How do factors like weight, metabolism rate, and genetics influence my experience?

Generally, individuals with higher body weight require a higher dose due to metabolism and liver processing rates. Additionally, genetics further contribute to the unique nature of each person's response by influencing how the body's endocannabinoid system interacts with compounds. While some people may be more sensitive to THC due to genetic factors, others may require higher doses to achieve their desired effects.

In summary, understanding your own personal tolerance levels and being aware of the delayed onset of effects are the key elements to ensuring an enjoyable experience with cannabis edibles. It’s crucial to start with a low dose, pay attention to individual responses, and adjust gradually. Cheers to blissful and responsible journeys!

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