Introducing Supersonic S’mores

Iris June

The sound of fire crackling, echoes of the laughter of your closest friends. A cool autumn breeze on your skin, wrapped in a blanket cozying up around a toasty fire that illuminates the night.

The sizzle of marshmallows roasting in the flames, the smell of melting chocolate, the crunch of graham cracker – the perfect s’mores.

Say hello to our most indulgent Specialty yet - Supersonic S’mores - a marshmallow gummy with a real chocolate center, covered in graham cracker crumbles. Even better, this gummy will take you to fall year-round. 


The Revolution of Specialties 

Since the beginning, Kosmik Brands has surprised and delighted consumers everywhere with our alternative approaches to the edible experience. We wanted to create an edible product unlike anything in existence.

Our first specialty gummy, Karamel Apple, was born from our love of fall and happy childhood memories at the fair. One bite and you are transported to a crisp fall day at the state fair, watching a fresh caramel apple being prepared before you, and hearing cheers of joy from the rides above.

In just weeks of its launch, it completely sold out 3 times in a row. Soon after, we launched our limited-edition specialty, Chocolate Kovered Strawberry, and the response we received was incredible.

This specialty is a Valentine’s Day exclusive, but it will be back before you know it.

Chocolate Kovered Strawberry is a strawberry gummy with a real dark chocolate center. This decadent flavor is just like eating a fresh strawberry dipped in rich chocolate, surrounded by roses and that special someone.

Most recently, we launched our fan-favorite specialty, Peanut Butter & Jelly, a one-of-a-kind grape gummy with a smooth peanut butter center. Consumers everywhere can now experience nostalgia for their favorite childhood snack!

Since then, we have worked tirelessly to create our best specialty edible yet, and we know Supersonic S’mores is sure to be your new favorite.


The S'mores Experience

Like our other specialty gummies in Oklahoma, Supersonic S’mores will weigh in at 25mg THC per piece and 250mg THC per bag. This specialty gummy teleports consumers to a brisk autumn night, gathered around a crackling campfire with friends and delighting in the most indulgent s’mores.

We recently hosted an event at Frontier Medicine in Edmond to celebrate National New Friends Day and announce this game-changing flavor. Lots of amazing Kosmik family showed up in support to smoke, socialize, enjoy live music, and create a s’more unlike any s’mores known to man.

Lifehack: When making your s’more, put a Supersonic S’mores gummy in the middle for an other-worldly experience. You won’t regret it.


What’s your favorite Kosmik Brands specialty gummy?