The Kosmik crew fell in love with her positive vibes in September 2021, through an event called Charly’s & The Dank Factory.
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Introducing The April Kosmonaut of The Month, Nancy Moses!

Peyton Decker

The very first Kosmonaut to make an appearance in the Kosmik News is Nancy Moses. Some might recognize Nancy through her iconic stage name, Amira Ashe. Amira is a professional creative director, manipulation artist, dancer, and small business owner located in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. The Kosmik crew fell in love with her positive vibes in September 2021, through an event called Charly’s & The Dank Factory. “I had never heard of Kosmik prior to this, but you guys had a booth and I got to help serve some yummy treats to event goers! After trying your gummies, getting acquainted, and talking cannabis with the lovely ladies at your booth, I knew Planet Kosmik was the place to be,” exclaimed Amira. 

Prior to being a renowned stage performer and business owner, Amira attended college and received a bachelor's degree in organizational communications from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2022. While working her way through school, Amira established a small business in 2019 called Bizarre Creations Entertainment with her partner Michael Albauer. Bizarre Creations Entertainment is a performing arts company that specializes in mesmerizing the crowd at local and national events. It was established through a vision of providing high-quality entertainment at local events and resources for the Oklahoma community. Amira’s dream for Bizarre Creations Entertainment is to raise the industry standards for local artists, while expanding job opportunities for performers in Oklahoma.

As the CEO and Co-Owner of Bizarre Creations Entertainment, Amira definitely knows how to strike a model pose. She is a seasoned Kosmonaut who loves collaborating with the Kosmik Brands marketing team to establish exquisite content for social media. Amira said, “the team is compassionate about what they do on top of being creative as heck! As an artist myself, I find it extremely rewarding to work with other creative professionals. At our shoots, Kirsten and I are constantly bouncing ideas off each other and it makes for some amazing photos and memories!” Not only does Amira enjoy hanging out with us, but she also loves Kosmik Brands gummies. “A Kosmik Blaster mixed with a warm bath, a snack, and movie is my kind of night! Edibles are my favorite way to wind down at the end of the day,” she stated. Amira’s favorite way to eat Kosmik gummies is to take one Sour Celestial Cherry gummy and one Sour Lightyear Lemon, stack them together, and enjoy in one bite. Now, that’s a rad Kosmonaut!

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