Kosmik at the Lakes


Michigan Launch!

Whether assembling a rocket or the perfect Coney Island Dog, ethereal excellence requires meticulous calculation. The same is true for the interstate — rather interstellar — arrival of Kosmik Brands to glorious Michigan. In the works since last fall, Kosmik has worked tirelessly to expand their horizons past the Sooner state. With that, we welcome Michigan’s Wolverines to the galactic fold of the Kosmik universe.

Kosmik and Six-Labs is a partnership written in the stars for a simple reason — both companies share a compounding belief in customer relationships. The cannabis industry needs to be engineered to the individual consumer’s needs, not a mainstream mediocracy. Learn more about them here at the Six-Labs homepage.


Kosmik is proud to be the first Oklahoma-born brand to transcend state lines and generate relations with our neighbors to the north. Our hope is this union will lead to a plethora of future explorations into other local markets, nationwide.

Countdown in 3 . . . 2 .. . 1 . . .


Michigan Gummies!

Hyperdrive charged? Here we go Michigan, it’s finally time for you to blast off and experience these celestial sensations! With three different lineages to choose from — Blaster, Sour, and Specialty — Kosmik has arrived with a loaded arsenal of morsels.  

A seasonal favorite back in Oklahoma, the Chocolate Kovered Strawberry is a must-have for those scenic lakeside outings. The size of the lake must determine the size of the supply because . . . Michigan can enjoy these sweet treats 365 days a year!