Kosmik Brands has released a brand-new flavor to add to our fan-favorite Specialty line of gummies..
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Kosmik Brands Announces a New Specialty Gummy

Iris June

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We wanted to share some important news: Kosmik Brands has released a brand-new flavor to add to our fan-favorite Specialty line of gummies. Our company spent almost a year in research and development perfecting this recipe, and we are thrilled to introduce one of our proudest creations in products – Supersonic S’mores.

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EDMOND, OK / IRIS JUNE / NOVEMBER 12, 2021 / Kosmik Brands, a leading edibles company from Oklahoma that is quickly expanding throughout the country, announced today that they are releasing the newest edition to their unique Specialty line – Supersonic S’mores. This edible product is now available for purchase in the state of Oklahoma.

Many consumers are aware of Kosmik’s revolutionary products, especially their Specialty line, which includes Karamel Apple, Chocolate Kovered Strawberry, and Peanut Butter & Jelly. All Specialty products are THC-infused and contain an edible filling such as caramel, chocolate, and peanut butter. These products are the first of their kind in the cannabis industry. Kosmik Brands is known for thinking outside of the box, always creating the most extraordinary and revolutionary products with an alternative approach to the edible experience.

Supersonic S’mores is a marshmallow gummy with a real chocolate center, covered in graham cracker crumbles. Like the rest of the Specialty line, each gummy has a dosage of 25mg of THC, with the bag containing a total of 250mg. In just weeks of their first Specialty launch, they sold out three times in a row, which is no surprise given the quality of the product and their dedication to the craft.

Edibles should taste good, right? Kosmik believes so, which inspired the company to create the most authentic and delicious edible products. The company strives to turn every product into an experience. With just a bite of a Supersonic S’mores gummy, consumers are teleported to a brisk autumn night, gathered around a toasty campfire with friends and indulging themselves with the perfect s’mores.

If you would like to learn more about this one-of-a-kind product, please read their latest blog article. If you own a storefront or have interest in becoming a licensed partner, you can learn more about Kosmik Brands edible products and begin carrying Kosmik in your storefront by visiting the Products page.