Kosmik Brands Launches High Dosage in Michigan with Supernova

Iris June

Fellow patients, consumers, and cannabis professionals,

We wanted to inform you of some exciting news: Kosmik Brands has launched high dosage in Michigan with four exciting new products. A fan favorite, the Supernova has been a best seller in the Oklahoma market since its release. Countless hours and a passion for perfection went into crafting these one-of-a-kind classified flavors, and we cannot wait for our fans to experience the magic of our new creations.

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We appreciate your continued support as we lead the edibles market and change lives with our groundbreaking products.


EDMOND, OK / IRIS JUNE / MARCH 2,2022 / The first cannabis brand to expand outside of Oklahoma is launching their High Dosage line in Michigan with four extraordinary flavors! If you have heard of Kosmik Brands, then you know they are the only cannabis company to do what they do. With the intention of creating an immersive and personalized consumer experience, Kosmik crafted one-of-a-kind Classified flavors and has unveiled a High Dosage line unlike any other.

With 50mg per piece and 200mg per bag, Supernova is the perfect first step in the High Dosage journey. The Original Supernova was released in Oklahoma in November of 2020 and instantly became a fan favorite. While there are debates amongst consumers about the flavor’s identity, everyone can agree it is the only flavor of its kind on the market. After countless rave reviews and the success of the three new classified Black Hole flavors in the Oklahoma market, Kosmik

Brands decided to show Michigan some love and introduce the Great Lakes State to the Supernova lineup. In addition to Original, Michigan will also get the three new Supernova flavors launching in Oklahoma: Blue, Pink, and Green. These amazing mystery flavors will become available for medical purchase on March 2, 2022.

Several months ago, Kosmik Brands became available in Michigan for both recreational and medical consumption. Michiganders were quick to join the Kosmik fan-club, especially since they were given a flavor that is exclusive to the Great Lakes State – Parsec Pineapple; Michigan is also the only state to carry the delicious Chocolate Kovered Strawberry year-round. But more importantly, this is the first of Kosmik’s High Dosage products to become available in the Michigan market – a quantum leap in edibles.

If you would like to learn more about this one-of-a-kind product, please read their latest blog article. If you own a provisioning center or have interest in becoming a licensed partner, you can learn more about Kosmik Brands edible products and begin carrying Kosmik in your establishment by visiting the Products page.