Kosmik Brands on Expert Panel for Metrc Compliance Event

Iris June

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK / MAY 26, 2022 / IRIS JUNE / With the recent implementation of Metrc across the state of Oklahoma come a lot of questions. Thanks to an expert panel including representatives from Kosmik Brands, Distru, and the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, cannabis businesses statewide now have answers.

Distru, the marijuana software designed to aide manufacturers and distributors, organized two educational events in an effort to educate business owners and smooth the transition to Metrc as the date it goes live is approaching. The event was a result of several cannabis organizations coming together with Distru, such as Kosmik Brands, the leading edibles company from Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Dispensary Association, a statewide industry advocacy group, and Stronghold Transportation Group.

“We have been working for the last 2 years to bring the Oklahoma cannabis industry together and speak with unified voice at the local, municipal, and state level with our elected officials and community. We have much to do to educate, advocate, and advance the industry but we are making progress. These Metrc educational events are critical to this progress” said Paul Murano, co-founder of Oklahoma Dispensary Association.

Metrc is a seed-to-sale tracking system, with a centralized program for testing that ensures businesses can view the entire history of a product from beginning to end. The sponsored educational event covered various topics, such as best practices for cultivation, processors, and dispensaries, testing, transfers, reporting, and software integrations. After an in-depth overview of the system presented by Sebastian Tidwell, Customer Success and Implementation at Distru, event attendees had the opportunity to ask an expert panel any questions they had.

Aside from Sebastian Tidwell, the expert panel also included Cameron Saner, COO of Kosmik Brands, Barrett Brown, Deputy Director of the OMMA, and Jessie Thrasher, Customer Success and Support at Distru. Attendees, ready to apply their newly acquired knowledge, asked questions ranging from general information to specific scenarios. Due to the dedication of these expert panelists, cannabis business owners can now begin their Metrc journey with confidence and poise.

Kosmik Brands plans to spearhead more educational events, continuing their reputation as an advocate for learning and destigmatizing of cannabis, not just in the Oklahoma marijuana market, but nationwide. Cameron Saner, COO of Kosmik Brands, provided some insight into the company’s motivation in heading events and workshops such as the recent Metrc seminar. “Events like these set the foundation for the cultivation of deep relationships within the cannabis community while nurturing learning across the entire industry. Community involvement is paramount to industry success and the implementation of compliance systems, such as Metrc. Kosmik Brands will continue to support the education, compliance, and ultimately, the success of all markets in which cannabis is legal.”