Kosmik Brands is partnering with Regenerative to bring groundbreaking products into the Massachusetts market.
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Kosmik Brands partners with Regenerative in Massachusetts.

Peyton Decker
Regenerative traveled to Oklahoma and toured the Kosmik Brands Headquarters.

18 July 2023, Edmond, OK – All the way from Uxbridge, Massachusetts, Regenerative LLC is the newest partner to ignite a spark with Kosmik Brands. As the largest cultivator farm in Massachusetts, Regenerative was built with a vision of helping thousands, if not millions, of people in Massachusetts. It was developed by Craig Willet, Atul Patel, and one additional partner, out of a passion for helping others within their own community acknowledge the numerous benefits of cannabis. One of their major goals as a brand is to expand their menu and build a strong reputation surrounding their name. That’s why they made the decision to partner with Kosmik Brands.

Regenerative was first introduced to Kosmik Brands at MJBizcon in 2022, where they took their first bite into a blaster gummy. The experience they had with Kosmik Brands was exhilarating and unlike any other cannabis brand they’ve met before. Willett, the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Regenerative, stated, “it’s all about having a partner who understands what is working in your world. I truly believe success in life is all about focus. Do what you do and do it well.”  

By providing consistent and high-quality products to the Massachusetts market, Regenerative has found a homogenous relationship with Kosmik Brands. It was an easy decision since Kosmik Brands is known for their ability to surpass industry expectations and provide relief for every type of doser. Because both brands are known for their spectacular inventions, this partnership is predicted to ascent beyond the cosmos. This is the power duo that Massachusetts has been waiting for.