Kosmik Gear Memorial Day Sale


A Universal Lifestyle

Rain, snow, or sunshine—Kosmik Gear has you kovered. Offering a vast selection of headwear, fashion-forward tees, and casual-fit essentials, Kosmik Gear is propelled by a unified mission: to provide premium products for every person.

Kosmik Krates from the Kosmos

Tees, crews, crops, truckers, and tanks for every style—featuring many items available from Small to 4X. Committed to releasing fresh options twice a year, the artistic astronauts of Kosmik Gear are prepped for launch every Summer and Winter. Speaking of which, the winds have changed, and the rainy season has arrived. This would be the perfect time to shrug yourself into a Kosmik Windbreaker.

Here in Oklahoma, the rain never lasts too long, and soon the heat of June and July will be making us sweat before we ever make it off the launchpad in the morning. Luckily, Kosmik Gear has prepared something special for Summer 2022, so stay tuned-in to all Kosmik socials for updates.

To make space in the rocket ship for the new Summer Gear, Kosmik will offer 35% OFF all Winter collection items and 40% OFF all Vintage items for the entirety of Memorial Day Weekend! The matching sweatsuit sets are a must-have, vacation—or stay-cation—statement piece.

Hurry and snag your Gear before its gone – this sale lasts through Memorial Day weekend.

Stroll, Sit, and Celebrate in Comfort

Kosmik Brands set the bar for bold with its revolutionary flavor spectrum. The lifestyle collections released biannually mirror the same vision. Designed to catch the eye from across the Vegas Strip or the community skatepark, the instantly recognizable logo emblazoned tastefully on each creation speaks for itself.

Once upon a time, the status quo for a “weed shirt” often meant a doobie-smoking leaf. Sure, in a certain space that could still be Uh-may-zing . . . However, the cannabis conversation has matured, and Kosmik Gear strives to play a significant role. Consumers should feel trendsetting in their public-display-of-cannabis-affection and be confident that they are broadcasting a positive and inclusive vibe. Weed-wear for every occasion.

On the Go

Kosmik Gear pop-up events will forever and always be a priority for the brand. The opportunity to meet so many wonderful people, of all ages and backstories, is a cherished part of the work we do (and we love giving out free merch). Kosmik is committed to being for the people, and we love hearing what is working and where you want to see us explore next.

Blast over to to find your new favorite fit.