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Let’s Celebrate Labor Day!

Peyton Decker

Let’s Celebrate Labor Day!

Beyond the sizzle of barbecues and the thrill of long weekends lies the crescendo of summer, also known as Labor Day. This holiday might act as an identifiable marker for the end of summer, but do you know the real reason why we celebrate it in the United States?

It may seem like a breeze for most of us to work a 40-hour week, but it hasn’t always looked like this for Americans throughout history. Before the late 1800s, children and adults of all ages were expected to work extremely long hours in hazardous conditions for unfair amounts of compensation. The American workforce was a mosaic of stories etched in sweat and determination. From child laborers to skilled artisans, every segment of society had a tale to tell.  

This was all until the late 1800s, after several companies and States served as activists to fight towards shorter work weeks, higher compensation, and safer working conditions. After 31 states decided to implement Labor Day, President Cleveland signed a bill in 1894 to make Labor Day a federal holiday across all fifty states. This was an enormous accomplishment for citizens across the United States.  

Fast forward to today, we stand on the shoulders of those brave souls who fought for a fairer tomorrow. The purpose of this holiday is to pay homage to those who dared to demand change, who rallied for fair wages, humane hours, and safer working conditions for everyone. So, this Labor Day, let's not only enjoy a well-deserved break but also pay homage to the sweat, tears, and triumphs of those who paved the way for our current working conditions.