As the proud owner of Key to Clean Housekeeping in Oklahoma City, Daysha embodies the confidence and innovation that defines our community.
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Meet The September Kosmonaut of The Month, Daysha Harak!

Peyton Decker

This month, one of our long-standing Kosmonauts, Daysha Harak, receives the title of Kosmonaut of The Month by Kosmik Brands. As the proud owner of Key to Clean Housekeeping, Daysha embodies the confidence and innovation that defines modern entrepreneurship. But Daysha is more than just your average business owner. Whether it's attending our immersive events in Oklahoma City or lending her professional cleaning services to our corporate offices, Daysha is a shining example of dedication, community, and positive vibes – qualities that make her the epitome of a Kosmonaut.

As a firm believer in the power of holistic remedies, Daysha turns to cannabis as a natural remedy to aid her anxiety. Unlike other prescribed medications that can amplify anxiety, our edibles and disposable vapes provide her with a sense of ease and tranquility. From working out in the gym to relaxing on the couch, Daysha seamlessly incorporates Kosmik Brands' products into her daily activities. Among her favorites stands the Pink LIVE RESIN Black Hole vape, and she can hardly wait for the arrival of our seven newest strains to hit the industry.

Daysha's admiration for Kosmik Brands isn't just limited to our products alone, but to the atmosphere we create within our community. She stated, “Kosmik always has the most immersive booths at every event and the entire crew is so laid back. I really enjoy the atmosphere you guys provide for attendees and the effort you take to make yourselves stand out amongst other brands!" Her affinity with Kosmik Brands is a reflection of the boundless enthusiasm we aim to foster among our customers and partners.  

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