Montana, are you ready to take a trip to Planet Kosmik?
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Montana takes a trip to Planet Kosmik.

Peyton Decker

Montana, are you ready to take a trip to Planet Kosmik? Hold onto your seats because a stellar revolution is about to sweep you off your feet. The highly anticipated launch of Kosmik Brands across the entire state of Montana is predicted to be nothing short of a celestial spectacle.  

Journey through the galaxies of flavor and experience as we unveil our awe-inspiring lineup of 15 extraordinary edible products. You can find your space with our four captivating product lines: Blasters, Specialty Blasters, The Black Hole, and The Black Hole Multiserve. Each line is a universe unto itself, ready to teleport your senses to new dimensions of delight.

  1. Blasters

Begin your Kosmik journey with the Blasters. Here, you'll find gummies that redefine taste, such as the tantalizing Big Bang Berry, the enchanting Blue Raspberry Retrograde, the deliciously divine Celestial Cherry, and the refreshing Pink Lunar Lemonade. Each gummy delivers a perfect 10mg per piece and an exquisite 100mg per bag, ensuring a potent and flavorful experience.

  1. Specialty Blasters

Venture into uncharted flavor territories with our Specialty Blasters. These aren't your ordinary gummies, as they're a symphony of taste designed to elevate your senses. The lineup includes the captivating Banana Gamma, a banana flavored gummy with a real vanilla center; the irresistible Karamel Apple, a green apple flavored gummy with a real caramel center; and the nostalgic Peanut Butter and Jelly, a grape flavored gummy with a real peanut butter center. With 10mg per piece and 100mg per bag, these gummies are a gateway to a world of delightful combinations.

  1. The Black Hole

But the true explosion lies within The Black Hole collection. Imagine the universe of flavors encapsulated within The Black Hole Green, a blackberries and cream flavored gummy; The Black Hole Pink, a peach and mango flavored gummy; The Black Hole Orange, an orange slice flavored gummy; and The Black Hole Red, a tropical punch flavored gummy. Each gummy is a monumental 100mg of pure delight, and when you indulge in the entire bag, you're embarking on an 800mg journey like no other.

  1. The Black Hole Multiserve

And for those who like to take their voyage one slice at a time, there's The Black Hole Multiserve. This single 100mg gummy can be divided into 10 delectable 10mg slices, each a portal to flavor exploration.

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