New Year, New Flavors!

Taylor Weatherly

As we all know, the saying goes: “New year, new me!” But what if we did something more… stellar?

Get ready to experience the magic of Kosmik’s THREE new Supernova flavors!


Taking It Back

As you may know, Kosmik Brands has had quite the history with their High Dosage line of Classified flavors including Supernova, the Black Hole, and the Abyss. Of these, Supernova has the lowest dosage, coming in at 50mg per piece, and 500mg in the bag. Supernova quickly became a fan-favorite right after its release in December of 2020.

This all began with the Black Hole launch back in June of 2020, when the first of the Classified flavors created galactic-like explosions all around the state of Oklahoma. Kosmik Brands is the first Oklahoma cannabis company to offer this range of high dosage options and is the first cannabis brand to offer a 200mg single dose gummy with the legendary Abyss.



A Stellar Experience

Behind each Classified flavor is the intention of creating an immersive and personalized experience for the consumer. For example, let’s say someone loves the Green Black Hole. One person may think it tastes like cotton candy, while others may say it has more of a berry flavor. Each experience is unique, and that is what makes the Classified flavors stand out against all others.

Well, contain yourself, because this one-of-a-kind adventure is now extending beyond Oklahoma to Michigan!

Along with the release of the three new Supernova flavors in Oklahoma, medical patients in Michigan will now be able to put their taste buds to the test with the entire Supernova lineup. The Supernova is the highest dosage to release in Michigan from Kosmik Brands, with 50mg a piece and 200mg per bag.



New Beginnings

Ina ddition to the original, Supernova will now be available in three new flavors :Blue, Pink, and Green.

While we can’t give away too much information because we want YOU to be the one deciding the flavor, we can say that if you enjoy tropical flavors, you can find your paradise in the Pink Supernova.

Give yourself the time to sit back and relax as you find your flow with these new groundbreaking flavors.


What is your favorite Classified flavor?