Rocket Pop: Prepare To Buckle Up and Blast Off

Mel Joy

Summer has arrived in full-swing, and we couldn't be more excited to bring this festive and seasonal treat to the Oklahoma Cannabis Market. Introducing Rocket Pop, a nostalgic representation of the flavors of summer and the newest member of the Kosmik Brands Specialty Blaster Family. Reminiscent of the classic red, white, and blue popsicle we all grew up with, this layered triple-threat treat is made up of cherry, lime, and blue-raspberry flavors. The biggest bonus? You don’t have to chase down the neighborhood ice cream man in order to get your hands on them! Each serving contains 25mg of the THC (250mg per bag) and is cultivated with only the finest cannabis materials. All of our ingredients are locally sourced, providing quality products you can consistently depend on.


As always, our products represent the four pillars of Kosmik Brands standards, including taste, texture, potency, and quality. The cannabinoids of the Rocket Pop, like most edibles, are absorbed through the digestive system, meaning they make their way through your bloodstream fairly quickly. Depending on your body-type and metabolism, expect to start feeling the results within 45-90 mins. Allowing the product to dissolve in your mouth as opposed to instantly chewing and swallowing may also lead to quicker effectiveness.


This Specialty Blaster is sweet, tangy, and delivers a vigorous dose of relaxation and cerebral euphoria. They pair well with pool days, BBQs, and campfires surrounded by friends.


Kosmik Brands has always been dedicated to innovative products and intergalactic experiences, and this seasonal sensation most definitely checks both of the boxes. You can find Rocket Pops available throughout the state of Oklahoma by searching “Kosmik Brands'' on Weedmaps or Leafly, and don’t forget to leave a review if you love them! Rocket Pop will also be ‘taking off’ as a seasonal phenomenon throughout other states where Kosmik Brands are available very soon! We hope the Rocket Pop makes your summer a little bit sweeter.