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Spring Cleaning with Kosmik

Peyton Decker

As winter bids farewell, it's time to refresh our living spaces and embrace the joy of a clean and organized home. This spring, we invite you to embark on your cleaning journey with a Kosmik twist. At Kosmik Brands, we understand the importance of motivation and reward in the process, and that's why we've curated a selection of products to enhance your spring-cleaning experience.

Kosmik Products to Ignite Your Cleaning Spirit

1. Pulsar Peach Blaster

A Classic Peach

Kickstart your cleaning adventure with the delightful Pulsar Peach Blaster. These low-dosage gummy edibles are available in either 10mg of THC or 25mg of THC per piece, depending on your state’s regulations. With a classic peach flavor and a perfect blend, these gummies are guaranteed to energize your cleaning spree!

2. Supernova Blue

Blue Raspberry and Lemonade

Take your cleaning quest to the next level with the Supernova Blue. As the starting line of Kosmik Brands’ high-dosage line, each gummy is infused with a potent 50mg of THC and delicious blue raspberry lemonade flavors. These gummies are the perfect treat to elevate your cleaning routine and help you remain focused, motivated, and productive.  

3. The Abyss Red

Ripe Blood Orange

Are you ready to conquer all your cleaning challenges? For experienced space travelers seeking the ultimate cleaning experience, The Abyss Red is a high-dosage edible from Kosmik Brands that’s usually reserved for medical patients and regular consumers. With an astonishing 200mg of THC per piece, each bite will take you on a euphoric journey through the allure of ripe blood oranges.

4. The Black Hole Ghost Train

An Otherworldly Ride Through Citrus and Pine

Step into another dimension of cleanliness with The Black Hole Ghost Train Disposable Vape Pen. This pre-filled device contains 2g of THC with sativa-dominant flavors of citrus and pine to boost your energy and motivation. With a rechargeable and disposable base, The Black Hole Ghost Train ensures a clean space is just a Kosmik hit away.    

5. The Black Hole Cherry Pie

The reminiscent taste of a classic cherry pie dessert

Through an exquisite 50/50 fusion of cherries and sweet dough flavors, The Black Hole Cherry Pie Disposable Vape Pen is the perfect hybrid strain for your spring-cleaning experience. This pre-filled device is presented with 2g of THC, a pre-heat button, and options to recharge. Just like the essence of a classic cherry pie dessert, this can also serve as a comforting reward for a clean and sparkling home.  

Harness Kosmik Cleaning Energy

Kosmik Brands' overarching goal is to help you "Find Your Space" and when your living space is clean and sparkling, you've literally "Found Your Space!" Just as our products empower you to be who you want to be, a clean home empowers you to live in a space that resonates with your true self. As you embark on your spring-cleaning adventure with us, The Pulsar Peach Blaster, Supernova Blue, The Abyss Red, The Black Hole Ghost Train, and The Black Hole Cherry Pie will inspire you to tackle every chore on your list.  

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