Did you hear the news? Kosmik Brands sold out of The Abyss in less than an hour of launching in Missouri!
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The Abyss Sold Out in Less Than One Hour

Peyton Decker

Psst! Have you heard the rumors? The word on the street is Kosmik Brands sold out of The Abyss in less than an hour of launching in Missouri!  

Abyss 2000mg bags

This week, Kosmik Brands has taken the state of Missouri by storm after placing The Abyss on the market. Dispensaries and local storefronts from around the state were in a stiff competition to get the famous 200mg gourmet gummy on their store shelves first. Kosmik Brands was prepared for the ultimate lift off, with thousands of gummies ready to be shipped to Missouri and were left speechless when they sold out of every case in less than 60 minutes.

Kosmik Brands entered the Missouri market on Tuesday, February 7, 2023, with the highest potency gummies anyone has ever been able to purchase on the market. With a whopping 200mg of THC per individual gummy, this edible is guaranteed to blast you into another universe. The entire bag contains 2,000mg and it is the perfect match for medical patients with high tolerances, who will now get to experience freedom beyond their own limits and reach new highs.

AJ “The Sales Goat,” Co-Founder and Head of Sales at Kosmik Brands said, “people in Missouri have been absolutely blown away and can’t believe the Abyss really exists. It goes from ‘I cannot believe this exists’ to ‘this is my favorite product on the market.’”  

History of the Abyss

The first project to introduce high dosage gummies started with the Black Hole in 2020. According to a study by the National Institute of Mental Health, the Coronavirus affected the mental health of adults and children across the United States by causing an increase in anxiety, depression, stress, fear, and loneliness. People were stuck in lockdown, dealing with the absence and losses of their close friends, family, and colleagues. It felt like everyone was in an endless search for the perfect holistic remedy to assist them with their emotions, pain, and mental health. That is when Kosmik Brands launched the Black Hole, which is a 100mg edible that comes in a variety of different classified flavors and colors. The industry raved about the Black Hole, making it quick to become a fan-favorite and an award-winning gummy in the community. The Black Hole was such a huge deal that Kosmik Brands knew they had to innovate an even better product for high dosers, so that’s when they created The Abyss.  

“Wow, I remember cutting 50mg into thirds! Now I like 200mg and to be done! Great product, consistency is flawless! Very important with the higher doses. Not for newbies! Nope,” wrote a reviewer on Weedmaps.

To curate an impeccable high dosage edible, Kosmik Brands took a journey across the galaxy to discover the perfect recipe that would exceed everyone’s expectations. After many trials and errors, Kosmik Brands won the space race and became the first brand to introduce 200mg gummies to the industry. It was made with the intention of allowing people to have more medication, without eating a ton of sugar. This would permit patients to suppress their pain by eating one gummy, rather than eating an entire bag in one sitting. With high dosers and medical patients in mind, our culinary experts developed this gummy to ensure the potency, flavor, texture, and consistency were going to defy gravity.  

Savor the Flavor

The Abyss is a classified flavor line, identified by colors of red, blue, and green. The Abyss has been labeled as classified because it is the first of its kind to make its way to planet earth. Like an alien from another planet, The Abyss is famous for being exotic and flavorful, unlike any other gummy you've tried before. Each bite you take has a creative combination of infused fruit flavors to establish a distinct and unforgettable experience, setting them apart from every other edible on the market. Just when you thought you might have solved the secret code, you second guess yourself because each burst of flavor has a unique blend that is impossible to duplicate.

A reviewer on Reddit stated, “I always use The Abyss. They are the best. Hands down. Milligram for milligram they seem to hit better than any edibles I have tried. Including RSO and distillate.”  

The Magic of Kosmik

Unlike other brands in the industry, Kosmik Brands understands that creating edibles is a fine art that requires an abundance of time, research, and skill. Each product line is developed carefully, with the patient’s wants and needs always in mind. Kosmik Brands is known for surpassing people’s expectations with their habitual introductions of new products to the industry and making drastic changes to the way clients’ intake edibles.

Take a look at what one Kosmonaut had to say about the magic of Kosmik Brands. “I appreciate your products more than you know. I have quit smoking cigarettes after 20 years and because of your high quality and potency product, I don’t have to smoke at all,” wrote Susan Big Spring, a dedicated Kosmonaut. “It’s just incredibly refreshing to see a company really care about the struggle!”

The community has fallen in love with Kosmik Brands because of their ongoing dedication to remaining consistent. With a laser-focused mission on taste, texture, potency, and quality, Kosmik Brands is guaranteed to become your favorite edible company. What are you waiting for? It's time to put on your spacesuit and take a trip across the galaxy with Kosmik Brands.

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