Ladye Hobson's story resonates as a testament to motherhood, empowerment, and what it means to be a Kosmonaut at Kosmik Brands.
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The August Kosmonaut of The Month is Ladye Hobson!

Peyton Decker

Ladye Hobson, a passionate and transformative entrepreneur within the cannabis industry, is our Kosmonaut of the Month for August. Her journey with us began in 2020 when she was first introduced to Kosmik Brands at CannaCon in Oklahoma City. She became captivated not only by our product's flavor and consistency, but also by the Krew. As her love for Kosmik began to grow, she started partnering with us to create content and showcase the versatility of our products. This was just the beginning of her pursuit for working in media and marketing in the cannabis industry.  

Her rendezvous with cannabis began in January of 2020, when she entered the industry as a freelance photographer for cultivation. She began to blossom as a content creator, but everything changed in spring of 2021 as she welcomed her third child into the world and decided to embark on an entrepreneurial odyssey of her own. This chapter was the beginning of her venture with photography, social media management, and business development consulting for cannabis growers and brands across the nation. This opportunity has given her the flexibility to follow her passion in the cannabis industry while allowing her to spend more quality time with her kids.

With an infectious attitude, Ladye's belief in holistic remedies has defined her journey thus far. Since discovering the benefits of marijuana years ago, she has chosen to leave over-the-counter medications behind in exchange for cannabis products, including our delicious Pulsar Peach and Karamel Apple Blasters. Although Ladye loves supporting local brands, her preferred method of cannabis is to consume organic flowers and create homemade tinctures. Her story resonates as a testament to motherhood, empowerment, and what it means to be a Kosmonaut here at Kosmik Brands.  

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