The Kosmonaut of The Month for May is Oakley Cudd!

Peyton Decker

The Kosmonaut of the Month for May is Oakley Cudd from Oklahoma City. Cudd became a part of the Kosmik crew a few years ago when he was looking for an edible that would support him in his battle with mental health. “It is such a life saver when it comes down to my social anxiety and depression,” he stated, “it has helped me stop taking certain medications and has helped my mental health.” When his budtender referred him to Kosmik Brands, his life changed forever. Cudd exclaimed, “I absolutely love how interactive Kosmik Brands is with their customers. From doing photo shoots, to receiving golden tickets for events, Kosmik stays on top with hospitality!”

Cudd has a unique background that sets him apart from others in our community. Instead of growing up surrounded by other artists and creatives, he grew up in a large military family and is the oldest of five siblings. Through his life experiences and exposure to various cultures, he found inspiration towards his own artistic development. Today, he is a professional brand ambassador for Polo Ralph Lauren and is an artist, creative, singer, and composer in his free time. “I just love taking a Kosmik gummy and listening to my record collection,” said Cudd. “Right now, my favorite Kosmik product would have to be the green Abyss gummies. I stay stocked up on those! And with the warm weather approaching, it’s about time to pop an Abyss and kick it at the pool.”

In addition to his career, Cudd is a professional visual artist who collaborates with various entrepreneurs and small businesses in Oklahoma to establish creative content and assets. We have seen his ability to translate experiences into visions through utilizing a variety of techniques, time and time again. Whether it's to build aesthetic pleasure, emotional connection, or cultural significance, Cudd knows exactly how to execute a flawless project.