Meet our Kosmonaut of The Month, Madison Lee, from Oklahoma City.
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The October Kosmonaut of The Month is Madison Lee!

Peyton Decker

This month, we're shining a spotlight on Madison Lee, a dedicated advocate and Kosmonaut from Oklahoma City. She moved to Oklahoma from Texas over a decade ago and made it a home to her own growth and self-discovery. It was here that she began to explore the world of cannabis, initially through her work as a budtender at Cali Roots and Tradecraft, as well as a vendor for a small processing company. Little did she know that this industry would become a profound part of her life.

Her connection to Kosmik Brands began through her work as a professional budtender and vendor in our landscape. Madison's love and devotion to Kosmik Brands extends far beyond simple enjoyment. She has described her connection with cannabis as nothing short of a lifeline. At just seven years old, she was prescribed stimulants by her doctor, and it wasn't until cannabis became legal that she found an effective alternative. Ever since, cannabis has been her ally, providing her with a sense of calm, focus, and mental clarity. "I love using Kosmik after work to relax and especially when I’m about to go to sleep,” she stated.

Among a wide variety of products, Madison has a particular soft spot for our Peanut Butter and Jelly Specialty Blaster. She confessed that she has yet to try our vapes, as they're constantly flying off the dispensary shelves, but she's eagerly looking forward to tasting them, along with the seven new flavors Kosmik Brands is set to produce. With a vibrant personality and unique style, we look forward to seeing her continue to thrive and spread positivity within the Kosmonaut community and beyond.

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