It's the real deal...

Kosmik Brands is committed to providing quality products and ensuring that they are safe and available to everyone.

That's why we want to give you ways to know what is and what is not authentic Kosmik Brands products, and what to do if you think you've found a fraudulent product.

Do you have fake product?

Gummy Check

The Abyss gummy bag.The Black Hole pink bag.Pink Lunar Lemonade Blasters bag.
A selection of authentic Kosmik Brands product bags.

Check the QR

To verify you have a real Kosmik Brands product, simple check the bag for a QR code on the back. All of our products have a unique Scan Trust QR code. Scan the code with your mobile phone camera to verify authenticity and become eligible for Kosmik Brands swag, special events, and product update information.

Scan Trust QR code.

Compare Bags

  1. The real Kosmik Brands bag has gravity waves, not a mesh or a net background.
  2. The real Kosmik Brands bag has a gradient label that runs from white to a gravity wave color, not a solid color.
  3. The full Kosmik Brands logo is displayed with true brand colors, it will not be cut-off or have false, random colors.
  4. The bag will use the Kosmik Brands galaxy approved font, not a generic knockoff.
  5. The bag will contain great tasting, authentic Kosmik Brands gummies, not sour gummy worms or rainbow ropes.
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