From the legendary Sour Gamma Green Apple Blasters to the potent Liquid Diamond Key Lime Pie Vape, our lineup promises an unforgettable St. Patrick's Day experience!
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5 Products You Need to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Peyton Decker

While the roots of St. Patrick’s Day trace back to the religious traditions of Ireland, it has transformed over centuries into a worldwide celebration of Irish culture that features shamrocks, leprechauns, parades, and all things green. In addition to the rich history, St. Patrick’s Day is adorned with playful traditions like pinching those not wearing green. If you don’t want to be pinched this year, try grabbing one of the five products below and add a touch of vibrant flavor to your experience.  

  1. Sour Gamma Green Apple Blasters

Transport yourself to apple paradise with 10 milligrams of THC per bite. It’s the perfect balance of intense sourness and fruity goodness. Whether you're enjoying the St. Patrick’s Day festivities at home or out with friends, these gummies promise an adventure for your taste buds unlike any other.

  1. Supernova Green

It's easy being green when you pair your adventure with Supernova Green! Through a combination of sweet kiwi and sour apple, you’ll be immersed in a journey through a lush oasis of flavor and 50 milligrams of THC. Revitalize your senses and reach new heights as you celebrate St. Patrick's Day one gummy at a time.  

  1. The Black Hole Green Multiserve

Embark on a taste bud adventure through blackberries and cream with the Black Hole Green Multiserve. This enigmatic gummy boasts a potent 100 milligrams of THC and can be pulled apart into 10 slices. Get ready to embrace the unknown and let your taste buds explore the secrets of the universe as you indulge in this St. Patrick's Day delight.

  1. The Black Hole Vape Lime Sherbet Punch

Take a trip through the space-time continuum with the 2-gram Black Hole Vape. Featuring invigorating flavors of tropical lime and sour berries, this indica-dominant strain promises to hit harder and transport you to a Kosmik oasis. Whether you're at home or out with friends, this rechargeable and disposable battery vape is perfect for those seeking a St. Patrick's Day escape.

  1. Liquid Diamond Key Lime Pie Vape

For a pure and potent experience, look no further than Liquid Diamond Vape Key Lime Pie. This indica-dominant strain is perfect for those searching for a balanced, clear-headed, and mouthwatering high. Let the Liquid Diamond Vape Key Lime Pie become your ticket to an enjoyable and elevated celebration this Sunday.  

As we prepare to honor the vibrant spirit of St. Patrick's Day, Kosmik Brands invites you to join the fun with green-themed delights and unparalleled experiences. No matter what type of consumer you are, Kosmik Brands has a product for you to enjoy over the holiday weekend. And remember to wear green if you want to ensure a pinch-free celebration!

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